Far to the east of the Old World lie the savage Ogre Kingdoms, a land of eating and fighting. A single Ogre, with his massive frame and boulder-like gut, has enough brute strength to sack a village and an army of such monstrous warriors, the power to destroy empires. by the way most ogre units are male the only known female unit is the female maneate


OWNER ONLY:over tyrant: a large ogre who has control over at least five ogre kingdoms

ADMIN ONLY:arch-tyrant:a large ogre who has control over at least three ogre kingdoms

ADMIN ONLY:prophet of the great maw: the highest ranking butchers and sluaghter masters dream of becoming one of these, only known ogre to be one is skrag the sluaghterer

tyrant: a large ogre who fights his own tribe to keep his power. control over one ogre kingdom but may conquer more to add to his tribe

slaughter master: a seasened butcher who has huge control over the dangerous gut magic, often serves as the� tyrants adviser

butcher: a ogre who has little control over gut magic, slaughter masters apprentice

hunter: a ogre who hunts down the enemy and suprises them from behind

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